Friday, September 10, 2004

More statements of support from Islamic groups

"The Palestinian National Iniziative (in Ramallah) calls for the immediate release... of Simona Pari and Simona Torretta, who have been working for years as part of the organization “A Bridge to Baghdad” in support of Iraqi children... that is well-known for its positions against the embargo and against the war on Iraq...[they] never abandoned Iraq, not even during the war, never interrupting their work aimed at helping Iraqi children under the bombings, and risking their own lives especially in Falluja... [this] would be in the interest of the Iraqi People, of their brothers and sisters."

The Union of Islamic Communities and Organizations in Italy said: "Release Simona Pari and Simona Torretta immediately and unconditionally. Do not allow suffering to be added to suffering, bear witness to the debt of gratitude that is due to those who shared the suffering of the Iraqis during the years of the sanctions, who stayed in the country while bombs were raining down, who refused to abandon the country even during these last, horrible months of confusion and violence... In the name of the God of mercy and peace, if there is still a grain of faith in you, in the name of the solidarity that these women gave to those who needed it most, in the name of the justice between all God’s children which our religion and heritage demand of us all."

The Iraqi Community in Italy said:"Many of us, in recent years, have had the opportunity to get to know these two women and the organization they work with very well. We have learned to love them for everything they have done for our people. These two women stood against the embargo declared against Iraq and since then, and all the members of A Bridge to Baghdad, have always worked to mitigate the suffering of our people. They firmly and with great conviction opposed the war, precisely because they did not want our people to suffer its consequences. They were in Baghdad to help our children, to deliver medicines, to restore our archeological heritage, to provide drinking water …. They have spent – and will continue to spend – the best years of their lives for our people. They have had nothing to do with all the suffering of our people: no one more than them is further away from the agents that have caused our suffering. If Iraq is ever to live in peace and independence it will be thanks to people like our dearest, beloved Simona and Simona. WE BESEECH YOU, IN THE NAME OF GOD THE MOST MERCIFUL AND COMPASSIONATE, ON BEHALF OF OUR POOR AND DESPERATE PEOPLE, RENOUNCE ALL YOUR EVIL INTENTIONS. FREE THE TWO IRAQIS AND RELEASE THE TWO SIMONAS, SEND THEM HOME, BACK TO THEIR FAMILY, WHICH ARE THE CHILDREN OF IRAQ."

(translations by Lisa Clark, arabic originals here)


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