Thursday, September 23, 2004

Unverified claims of killings

Anyone can post a message onto a Jihadist bulletin board and make any claim under any name, real or assumed. For this reason it is very hard to weigh the validity of statements proportedly by the kidnappers of our friends.

In the early hours of this morning, a statement in the name the Jihad Organization, the second group which said it was holding them (on 12th September), claimed to have killed the two Simonas. A few hours later a second statement appeared in the name of the Supporters of Al-Zawahiri, the first group which said it was holding them (on 10th September), which also claimed to have killed them. Neither statement can be verified, and the existance of two seperate claims adds to the confusion. Intersos, for whom Mahnoaz worked, has said: "Our sources in Baghdad do not consider... this announcement reliable."

We should not give up hope yet, and continue praying for their safety and release, along with Ra'ad and Mahnoaz.